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Berry Bulletin August 3

In this bulletin: crop updates anthracnose management SWD update SWD management in berry crops twitter!

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Emergency Use registrations for Spotted Wing Drosophila

Two insecticides have recently been registered for emergency use on spotted wing drosophila (SWD) on berry crops (crop group 13-07) and stone fruits (crop group 12) in Ontario.

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Phytophthora Crown Rot and Red Stele of Strawberries

By Michael Celetti, OMAFRA Plant Pathologist – Horticultural Crops, Guelph The wet conditions experienced last fall and earlier this spring in many regions of Ontario were ideal for infection and development of Phytophthora crown rot and red stele in strawberry … Continue reading

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Activity of Fungicides and Bactericides on Stone Fruit Diseases, 2017

This table provides information on the relative activity of fungicides and bactericides registered on tender fruit. The numbers within cells represent the relative efficacy of a product against a specific disease.  Increasing numbers equal greater effectiveness.  Cells shaded yellow indicate … Continue reading

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Activity of Insecticides and Miticides on Grape Pests, 2017

Ratings in shaded cells indicate the insect/mite is listed on the product label for control or suppression. Please see the product label or crop calendars for registered uses. Additional information, derived from other sources, is provided in this table to … Continue reading

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