OMAFRA Welcomes Fruit Crop Specialist

omafra-welcomes-erica-pateErica Pate was the successful candidate in the competition for Fruit Crop Specialist in the Agriculture Development Branch. She will be replacing Pam Fisher, long-time OMAFRA Berry Specialist. Erica will begin her new role on February 27, 2017 at the OMAFRA Resource Centre in Simcoe, ON.

Erica is currently the branch’s Direct Farm Marketing Specialist, where she works closely with Ontario Farm Fresh Marketing Association and Farmers’ Markets Ontario to promote buying direct from farmers. Prior to role, she was the Acting Pome Fruit Integrated Pest Management Specialist.

During her studies for her B.Sc degree in Agriculture at the University of Guelph, Erica gained insight into many facets of Ontario agriculture during work experiences with Cargill, Pioneer, and also with OMAFRA as a summer student.

Raised on a horticulture farm in Brantford, Ontario, Erica has first-hand experience growing and marketing berry crops, including raspberries, June bearing and day neutral strawberries. She has worked with growers to understand and manage strawberry aphids, spotted wing drosophila and other pests, and is also experienced in the business aspects of
berry farming.

Erica can be reached at 519-426-2238 or

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