Pollinator planting – demonstration sites needed

Are you a vegetable or fruit grower that depends upon pollinators to produce a crop?

With funding under the Great Lakes Agricultural Stewardship Initiative (GLASI), the University of Guelph in partnership with Farms at Work is looking for 3 farms interested in hosting demonstration pollinator plantings within Chatham-Kent or Elgin Counties. These pollinator plantings will be designed by the project leaders in consultation with the host farm to integrate into the farm’s production system and accomplish other Best Management Practices such  as controlling erosion or preventing nutrient loss on the farm. The plantings will be established in 2016.

The Host Farm will (1) provide land for the plantings over a 3-year period, (2) prepare the land for planting, (3) host a tour for other farmers, and (4) allow the project team members access to the site to monitor the planting.

The Project Team will (1) design a low maintenance practical planting plan that fits the farm and its goals, (2) provide funding for plant materials, (3) organize and lead the tour, (4) monitor the success of the planting, and (5) provide feedback to the host farm

For information about this opportunity contact Susan Willis-Chan at 705-652-0059 or sue@farmsatwork.ca

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