New Products for Berry Growers

OMAFRA publication #360 2016-2017 will be printed soon and available to growers from Service Ontario and the OMAFRA website.  This new edition features over 30 new products or new uses for berry growers. and at least 16 new active ingredients.  Six  of these new actives are biopesticides.

While you are waiting for this publication to be released, here is some information on the new products for berry crops. Please find attached :

  1. List of new products for berry crops OFVC 2016 v4
  2. Presentation by company reps on the “New Product Panel” at the OFVC Feb 17, 2016. 09 2016 product panel OFVC updated
  3. Presentation by Dr. Anissa Poleatewich on biofungicides, presented at the OBGA biocontrol day March 8, 2016.   Poleatewich Berry Grower March 2016

OMAFRA pub #75 Guide to Weed Control has been updated and is now available. Click on the link to download a pdf, view on line, or order from Service Ontario.

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