Latest Issue of Orchard Network Newsletter Now Online

The latest issue of Orchard Network Newsletter is now available on the OMAFRA website.

Table of Contents

Orchard Management

  • Growing Multi-Leader Trees
  • Dormancy and Chill Units

Crop Protection

  • Reminder to Apple Growers: Last Year to Use Diazinon
  • Time to Get Your Apple IPM Program Ready
  • Coming Soon! 2016-2017 Publication 360, Guide to Fruit Production
  • A Proposal: Crop-Adapted Spraying in Apple Orchards


  • Delayed Controlled Atmosphere Storage for ‘Honeycrisp’ Apples
  • Preventing Patulin Accumulation in Apples During Long-term Storage


  • OMAFRA Welcomes Mackenzie LespĂ©rance, Weed Management Lead


About AmandaGreen

Tree Fruit Specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
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