2016 OFVC Ontario’s Finest Cider Competition Winners

This was the 6th annual Sweet Cider Competition and the 3rd Annual Craft Cider Competition. Thank you to all of the entrants and judges of Ontario’s Finest Cider Competition.  Thank you to the Ontario Apple Growers and the Ontario Craft Cider Association. The quality of competition keeps improving every year.

Sweet Cider

1st Place – Al Ferri & Sons
2nd Place – Pinehill Orchards
3rd Place – Dunridge Farms

Craft Cider

Common Category

1st Place – Thornbury Cider
2nd Place –  West Avenue Cider ‘Wild Oak’
3rd Place – Twin Pines Orchards ‘Hammer Bent Red’

Specialty Category

1st Place – Bonnieheath Farm ‘Apple & Cherry’
2nd Place – Thornbury Cider ‘Apple Cranberry’
3rd Place – Spirit Tree Cider ‘Winter Bliss’


About AmandaGreen

Tree Fruit Specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs
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