Bird and Wildlife Management Program at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention Feb 18, 2016

We all love birds and wildlife but sometimes they are a very costly nuisance to Ontario fruit growers.

At the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention, Thursday Feb 18, in Niagara Falls, a half-day session for fruit growers will provide the latest research updates and insights on how to manage deer, turkeys, and birds and other wildlife problems on farms.  The program will feature several guest speakers. Dr. Catherine Lindell, from Michigan State University, and  Dr. Paul Curtis, from Cornell University, have recently completed a USDA-funded project on limiting bird damage to fruit crops. Dr. Jim Willwerth from Brock University will share his finding on new technology to reduce bird damage in grapes.

Fruit producers have identified bird and wildlife damage as a critical issue that needs more attention! This program is designed to bring recent research results and successful management strategies to Ontario growers.

Don’t miss this and other sessions at the Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Convention 

kestrel box photo
Figure 1: Can kestrel boxes help deter birds from valuable fruit crops?  Find out at the Bird and Wildlife Management session Thursday Feb 18, 2016

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