Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) Update – June 26, 2015

SWD is being trapped now , especially in early areas in southwestern Ontario. Growers with raspberries ripening in southwestern Ontario should spray for SWD before harvest begins.  Best options at this time  include Delegate, Entrust, Success, Malathion. Of these, all will control small caterpillars and loopers, but only malathion will control rose chafer.

Strawberries are also at risk of SWD infestation in these areas, however, the need to spray is less certain.  In strawberries continue to watch for damage excessively soft or leaky fruit.  Growers with large blocks of late season varieties, or producing blocks of day neutral varieties could spray an insecticide, especially if there is an abundance of harvested fruit on early varieties nearby.

SWD has been reported in some cherry crops.  We are monitoring cherries for infestation to determine the impact of  SWD in cherries. In the meantime, use a product that works for both SWD and cherry fruit fly when choosing your pre-harvest sprays.

So far we continue to catch SWD flies only here and there.  We have not caught them in the same trap twice, and have seldom trapped them at the same site twice.   Degree day models suggest that emergence of the first generation SWD adults is peaking now or next week across most of Ontario. These SWD will be looking for ripe fruit to lay eggs in the next week or two.

Insecticide recommendations for all fruit crops can be found at:

Entrust and Success were fully registered for SWD on berry crops last week,  and we will update our on-line information to reflect this as soon as possible .

Table 1: Summary of SWD trap captures in Ontario in 2015

trap captures to june 26

Table 1: SWD trap capture in Ontario 2015

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