San Jose Scale Crawler Update

by Erica Pate

The first crawlers have been observed in Norfolk County! Orchards with a history of scale infestations that are using summer sprays aimed at crawler activity, the timing has arrived. Following the WA degree day models, the Norfolk County crawlers emerged as predicted.

table 20150626

In 2014 the Cornell model was approximately a week ahead of crawler emergence- the pheromone trap biofix (WA model) was more accurate in predicting emergence. We have currently observed crawlers in Norfolk County only. Summer insecticides Movento, Closer, and TwinGuard should target these crawlers. Movento is a slower acting insecticide and should be applied 2-3 weeks before crawlers are active, with a second application 14 days later. Closer and TwinGuard should be applied when the crawlers are active. More information on insecticides can be found in Chapter 3 of Pub 360.

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