New Horticulture Videos for Berry Growers

Check out\hortvideos

You will find videos on a variety of topics for horticulture crops and several of interest to berry growers.

Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), by Hannah Fraser shows some great shots of live BMSB to help you identify this pest before it becomes a problem.

Using propane cannons for bird control is explained on two video clips by engineer Hugh Fraser. He also has a video on using fans for frost protection.

Rebecca Short demonstrates both drip irrigation system maintenance and how to monitor for soil moisture, in five videos.  Learn maintenance tips and tricks by watching Rebecca carry out the California standard irrigation system assessment in an Ontario orchard.  Soil moisture monitoring is presented in the last three of these videos.

Go to\hortvideos  and click on the playlist in the top corner of the first video to get a list of videos in the playlist.



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  1. Melanie Filotas says:

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    Specialty berry growers (haskap, goji, sea buckthorn and more) may be interested in this posting on the ONfruit blog.


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