New products for berry crops in 2015

A supplement to OMAFRA publication #360, Guide to Fruit Production, will be available in late February 2015.  This supplement lists new products and new uses that have been registered for berry crop pests since the publication went to press last year.

New Products:

Nealta (cyflumetofen), registration # 31284,  BASF Canada. Registered for two-spotted spider mite control on strawberry.

Quilt (azoxystrobin + spinetoram), registration # 28328, Syngenta Inc.  Registered on blueberry for mummyberry and anthracnose control.

New uses and label expansions:

Actara 25 WG: now labelled on strawberry for larval stages of strawberry rot weevil and black vine weevil control.

Intrepid 240 F: registered for control of obliquebanded leafroller on raspberry.

Nova Fungicide: registered for white pine blister rust on currant and gooseberry.

Switch 62.5 WG: now labelled for botrytis grey mould on currant, gooseberry, elderberry and sea buckthorn as well as anthracnose on elderberry.

  • You can look up the details on these new products and uses on the PMRA website at (“PMRA label search”)

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